A special thanks to Sister Leonarda, O.P.

A special thanks to Sister Leonarda, O.P., for speaking at our North Columbus Serra Club meeting in February!

Dominican Sisters Immaculate Conception Providence
Sister shared such wisdom with us and we must share it with others!
-pray for courage for young people to seek out their vocations
-pray also for those helping young people discern their vocation
-spread awareness of vocations
-it starts in our own homes, without Holy families, we won’t have Holy Orders, no Holy Orders no sacraments
-encouraged others to join her Order for the Second Saturday mass at their convent on Livingston Ave.
Sister also recommends the following 3 books for young people discerning:
1. Discerning Religious Life by Sr Clare Matthias
2. Tuning In To God’s Call by Andrew Wisdom, OP & Christine Kiley, ASCJ
3. Come and Follow Me by Fr. Stefanick Mameluke, F.I.
Thank you, Sister Leonarda!