Serra Clubs of Columbus

A special thanks to Sister Leonarda, O.P.

A special thanks to Sister Leonarda, O.P., for speaking at our North Columbus Serra Club meeting in February! Sister shared such wisdom with us and we must share it with others! -pray for courage for young people to seek out their vocations -pray also for those...

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A Vocation is a Mystery!

Vocations are a mystery! Chuck and JoAnn Wilson inspired Serra Club of North Columbus members as they shared beautiful pieces of their faith journey and a few insights into how they raised a son who said ‘Yes’ to the call to Priesthood! Thank you, Wilson...

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Blessed by The Catholic Foundation!

Blessed to have the support of The Catholic Foundation! Thank you, Loren Brown (President of The Catholic Foundation) for taking the time to join us at our meeting and presenting The Serra Club of North Columbus a $3000 grant in support of our annual girls’ and...

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